Solana Labs, the company behind the development of the Solana blockchain, has created an open-source basic implementation of a plugin for the ChatGPT chatbot, which enables interaction with the Solana network.

Once plugins based on this basic solution become available, users will be able to interact with the network through the ChatGPT neural network. They can check their wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase NFTs.

The chatbot will be able to retrieve a list of #NFTs associated with a specific #Solana address and their corresponding metadata links. The ChatGPT plugin extracts information from online sources and interacts with external websites. The service allows users to view statistics on TPS and average ping, but currently, it only offers a maximum frame of 6 hours, which may not be that convenient.

Developers who want to test the software and launch their own version can find the code on GitHub.

At the same time, Solana Foundation has set up a $1 million fund to offer small grants for projects exploring the connection between the Solana blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Projects exploring the intersection of the Solana blockchain and AI can apply for grants from the Solana Foundation's $1 million fund. Grants range from $5,000 to $25,000, and applicants must make their solutions publicly accessible with open-source code upon launch to be eligible.

Not everyone is thrilled with this news, though.

But generally speaking, the launch of the ChatGPT plugin can be seen as Solana's first step towards finding effective synergy between AI and blockchain technologies.

By the way, guys from Helium asked ChatGPT these days about what could be built using @solana and @helium.

So maybe one should follow suit.