After weeks of non-stop gains in the Solana ecosystem, with the $SOL price boosting, thousands of new tokens flooding, and the surge in Solana NFTs, the momentum began to slow down. This deceleration intensified tensions between Solana supporters and proponents of its dominant rival, Ethereum.

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Last week, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared an extensive post, voicing concerns about the dying Web3 vision that initially spurred much of the crypto development, blaming the lack of progress on the exorbitant cost of gas fees. In response, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko was quick to dismiss Ethereum as a 'cockroach settlement layer.' While Vitalik revealed his plans to make Ethereum ‘cypherpunk again,’ Yakovenko reaffirmed  his commitment to accelerating Solana's performance, emphasizing it as the network's primary purpose and value proposition.

The escalating tension was likely fueled by the recent downturn in Solana's key assets, most notably the once-unstoppable dog-themed $BONK meme coin. At the same time, Ethereum's layer-2 networks, such as Optimism and Arbitrum, witnessed significant gains, with their native tokens increasing by over 30% and 16%, respectively—likely due to those blockchains’ lower gas fees.


The rivalry between Solana and Ethereum is escalating, with Solana now surpassing Ethereum in some essential aspects, such as DEX trading volume, further intensifying animosity between Ethereum maximalists and Solana advocates. Even seemingly unrelated events are being swept into the conflict. The recent news of Donald Trump offloading millions of dollars in ETH from his struggling NFT projects was quickly interpreted as reflecting the ongoing Ethereum vs. Solana debate.

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Ethereum stands as the predominant force in the DeFi sector, with over $61.10 billion in total value locked against Solana’s $3.968 billion. Yet, there's a rising belief in the industry that Solana may have the potential to eventually surpass Ethereum in the long term.


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