Viral Telegram-based clicker game Notcoin ended its “mining phase” and is gearing up for the next target date: the $NOT token rollout scheduled for April 20. This date coincides with the Bitcoin halvingso that it will be an extra-busy day for the crypto world.

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Open Builders, the team behind Notcoin, aims to debut its $NOT token on The Open Network ($TON) on April 20—rather with a meme number in mind, but also on the date that the Bitcoin halving is currently set to occur.


Within the Telegram-based game, players could "mine" or earn in-game Notcoins by tapping on a virtual coin, accumulating in-game currency that will eventually be converted into on-chain, tradable tokens (read here for more details). Since its public launch in January, Notcoin has attracted over 35 million players, with a daily active user count peak of over 6 million.

The gameplay is currently paused ahead of the upcoming token launch. But on April 20, the coin-tapping gameplay will resume with some significant ecosystem changes and a new rewards model.

No additional tokens will be minted post-launch as the pre-launch mining process is completed. When the launch occurs, the in-game coins will be swapped for non-crypto tokens on The Open Network.

“The final supply of Notcoin in-game will be the final number of tokens available, adjusted to reduce some zeroes to make an easier trading experience,” a Notcoin representative told Decrypt.

Users, however, can already speculate on the price of the $NOT token, as pre-market trading via NFT vouchers was launched in March. Heavy players who accumulated at least 10 million in-game coins could convert their holdings into NFTs on The Open Network. These NFTs can be traded and will eventually be exchangeable for the on-chain token.

As of early April, an NFT voucher for 10 million in-game coins typically trades for about $52 worth of Toncoin (TON) on the GetGems marketplace.

“We want to keep this game continuing. What we want to do is basically provide some pools for users so they can continue mining or farming from these pools in a similar model—they will just continue to click on a button and earn coins with more complexity and less rewards than they had in the mining phase,” Sasha Plotvinov of Open Builders told Decrypt.