Telegram-based tapping games have emerged as a vibrant and engaging genre, captivating a global audience with their simplicity and addictive gameplay. This rating delves into the most viral and rewarding Telegram-based tapping games, both those that have already made a significant impact and those that are poised to take the gaming community by storm.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player looking for your next obsession, this comprehensive list highlights the top contenders that combine entertainment with lucrative rewards, ensuring hours of fun and the potential for tangible benefits.

Battle Bulls

Battle Games is a Telegram-based mini-app that combines tapping with battle mechanics, offering a family of mobile games. The first game, Battle Bulls, grants players bull characters whose power increases through tapping. Players can then use these powerful bulls to battle others for rewards.

The more players tap, the stronger their bulls become, leading to greater rewards in battles. Players advance in levels based on their activity and victories, aiming to reach the highest rank, Grandmaster. Those who achieve this rank receive more bonuses and opportunities to maximize their rewards.

In August, Battle Bulls will airdrop BULL SPLIT tokens to users, with plans to list these tokens on a Tier 1 crypto exchange in November. Afterward, in-game rewards could be exchanged for BULL SPLIT tokens, which can be sold on exchanges or used for daily rewards in mini-app.


What is Catizen?. Catizen's Narrative | by CatizenAI | Catizen | Medium

Catizen is a game on Telegram where players manage a colony of cats. It blends strategy and simulation, letting players grow their cat colony and earn cryptocurrency. Similar to other popular tap-to-earn games on Telegram, Catizen lets players earn rewards by tapping buttons on the screen. The main feature is a roulette wheel that players spin to win different rewards.

Players can get more spins by inviting their Telegram contacts, or they can choose to pay for extra spins. Catizen has both free and paid versions, with over half of the users opting for the paid version. The team behind Catizen claims to make over $10 million in revenue by the end of May. Additionally, players can join clubs with top-ranked players and boost their rewards.


What is TapSwap? Following in the footsteps of Notcoin? Telegram — clicker  from Solana. | by Ihor R. | Medium

TapSwap is a mini-app on Telegram that lets users mine cryptocurrencies by tapping their phone screens. The main activity involves tapping a gold coin to earn points. However, tapping depletes an "Energy" bar, which refills over time.

Players can boost their earnings by unlocking special items, completing tasks, and inviting friends. TapSwap also includes competitive leagues where players can climb the ranks and earn extra rewards. Each tap earns TAPS tokens, based on the Solana blockchain. These tokens can be used to buy upgrades, join battles, or be withdrawn to an external wallet.

Launched in February 2024, TapSwap has quickly attracted over 30 million users.

Hamster Kombat

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Hamster Kombat is a game where players manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital hamsters to earn HMSTR coins. Due to its easy gameplay, it has quickly amassed 150 millions of users worldwide.

Players tap digital hamsters to mine coins and can boost earnings by completing tasks like the Daily Combo, subscribing to the game's YouTube channel, or inviting friends. Special missions and daily check-ins offer extra rewards, and players can upgrade exchanges to earn coins faster. Community events and competitions provide additional opportunities for rewards.

The upcoming HMSTR token launch on The Open Network (TON) blockchain fuels the gaming fever as players hope to convert their in-game coins into tangible rewards. 


Notcoin Review: Should You Play the Telegram Game Ahead of the Airdrop? -  Decrypt

Notcoin was the pioneer of clicker games in the crypto market. Launched in January 2024, the game went viral and quickly attracted 35 million users. Its success was driven by its simple concept: players clicked on a coin image to earn $NOT tokens.

Early players enjoyed maximum rewards, but these declined as the user base grew. By early April 2024, $NOT mining ceased, and players could only earn tokens through in-app quests. In May 2024, $NOT was listed on several major crypto exchanges and soon became one of the top 10 traded coins, with a market cap exceeding $1.4 billion.