Twitter has partnered with a trading app @eToro, as Elon Musk pivots his microblogging service to becoming an "everything app."

Via a new partnership with eToro, users can now access eToro's market charts for a variety of financial investments through the relevant "cashtag" (usually by putting a "$" in front of the ticker, like $TSLA for Tesla stock).

Click on the cashtag will display a chart of the asset's performance over the past 24 hours, accompanied by a "View on eToro" link. Following this link, users could access more detailed market information and purchase the asset, as well as other assets available on the eToro platform.

Despite reports that the integration would include cryptocurrencies, Twitter has yet to deliver this. For now, nothing appears when searching Twitter for various crypto cashtags. According to Decrypt, the eToro team is "checking this with Twitter, so hopefully, it will be resolved soon."

Twitter introduced pricing data for cashtags in December 2022. The feature has gained widespread adoption, with over 420 million cashtag searches since the beginning of the year, according to the eToro press release. On average, there are 4.7 million cashtag searches per day, with $TSLA and $BTC ranking in the top five.

eToro's partnership with Twitter is bullish for crypto in the long run. Whether we enter a bull market sooner or later, the ability to view real-time prices and invest in #Crypto through Twitter and eToro is seen as good news for the crypto space.

But with all the implied positive impact on the crypto industry, it's important to remember (there's no need to agree with all the details, though):