In-development social trading platform, Swipe2Trade, was showcased at Coindesk's Consensus '23 Event

Coindesk’s latest iteration of its long-running and influential Consensus event, which took place on April 26 to 28 in Austin, Texas, held a conference for the anticipated blockchain-based social trading platform, Swipe2Trade, in what was the first official, live public presentation of the service.

The in-development platform, led by a well-known crypto and blockchain entrepreneur by way of chief executive officer Herbert Rafael Sim, has big plans to merge social features and crypto trading functionality into one accessible package.

What is Swipe2Trade?

An estimated 400 million users worldwide engage in crypto transactions.

While that's certainly impressive, it means a huge number of the global population still doesn’t engage with crypto, why?

Issues such as a lack of knowledge and understanding, as well as non-intuitive and complex DEX and CEX interfaces turn off many who would otherwise be advocates of cryptocurrency and the philosophy underpinning it. Swipe2Trade aims to address this by simplifying crypto trades so they can be executed with one swipe while supporting those who aren’t crypto native through social features that allow experienced users to share advice and insights to guide newcomers (while being rewarded for doing so).

Swipe2Trade’s hybrid platform will feature trading options such as stop/limit orders; convenient search and selection; easily accessible charts and statistics; convenient portfolio tracking and the ability to execute complex orders with a single swipe.

At its core, Swipe2Trade’s creates a framework for advanced crypto users to monetise their knowledge and engage with new crypto users, allowing them to subscribe to their favourite experts and replicate deals they advise with a simple click, giving those who aren’t crypto native the ability to make informed decisions while those who are giving advice can monetise subscriber activity.

All this is built around an intuitive framework — with things like fast and easy deposit/withdrawal features and ease-of-use trading tools.

The platform has been building its social media presence ahead of its full launch, and the conference at Coindesk’s Consensus event was the next big milestone in Swipe2Trade realising its ambitions of creating a hybrid social trading platform that welcomes people around the globe who have yet to begin their crypto journeys.