On April 23, 2023, MetaTalks Community Manager George Anthony hosted an AMA session on Twitter Spaces with MarsDAO Business Development Manager Mike Kirillov, where the latter shared expert insights about the current market situation and the upcoming release of a new DeFi gaming app called Cosmic FOMO.

Mike introduced us to MarsDAO, an ecosystem of web3 products and DeFi, trading, infrastructure and EdTech solutions. The group of companies is now preparing for the big beta release of their signature gaming app, Cosmic FOMO, which allows users to learn crypto trading in an enjoyable game format without the unnecessary risk of losing their tangible assets.

Mike noted that we're currently experiencing a bearish market trend, but this doesn't mean we've reached the bottom just yet; after FTX and SVB, there may be other significant drops. Either way, most new users turn to crypto during a bull run, when everyone wants to make X's on speculation, and after the trend reverses, some leave the market while the rest try to understand more, learn and pay attention to the fundamentals.

This means now's the time to get educated and dive into the market, be ready for an uptrend and be a winner. The MarsDAO team has extensive experience in the EdTech field of the crypto space, so Cosmic FOMO's launch imminent is an event their big international community is really excited about.

MarsDAO's Cosmic FOMO has been in development for years and is based on technology the team developed four years ago, based on their vision of a new type of game focused on correct choice and prediction.

We are talking about TTM Game, a platform where users could participate in virtual races to the Moon. Each participant assembled their own portfolio with virtual assets, making strategies to predict cryptocurrency quotes or share growth—those players whose predictions turned out to be the most accurate won real cash prizes.

Now MarsDAO's relaunching the same concept in an updated format, taking into account all the problems and mistakes of other GameFi and Play2Earn projects.

Cosmic FOMO tokenomics is set up in two phases which include the subsequent addition of various deflationary tools, NFT merges, burnout of unsold NFTs, formation of a secondary NFT market, and minting new pilots (the game's main characters).

The game's name has to do with MarsDAO's love of space (evident from namings such as MarsDAO and ToTheMoon) and FOMO — the app promises to teach people how to control that eerie feeling of fear of missing out. After the official launch, set for this April, both MDAO (MarsDAO's native token, used across all ecosystem products) and the exclusive NFTs have the potential to skyrocket in price. We should note that the Cosmic FOMO NFTs already traded for tofuNFTs, and recently there was a big in-game token airdrop for MDAO holders.

It is really worth checking out Cosmic FOMO's detailed whitepaper, or CosmicPaper, which includes extensive information, including crypto market analytics and the game's signature mechanics.

In the second part of the AMA, Mike answered many industry-related questions. He discussed the current state of NFT technology, how non-fungible tokens play a crucial role in the GameFi sector, and why this sector will survive only if products incorporate web3 principles.

Mike also shared how he personally analyzes and scouts startups, whether he holds any meme- or shitcoins, how to use project tokenomics to your benefit, and answered, what seems, the biggest question of the century: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

If you missed out on this fun and informative AMA on Twitter Spaces, be sure to check out the recording via this link