On 23 April, Cosmic Fomo representative Mike Kirillov joined Metatalks for a Twitter Space. The session was live-tweeted as we discussed the new crypto project, plans around it and talked about the #DeFi & #NFT trends.

Key points from broadcast

Discussing the collapse of the NFT boom, but highlighting the impending halving of bitcoin, Mike acknowledges that this year is the best time for product development and community education before the next bull run. This is the environment in which Cosmic Fomo is launching.

"This game is best suited for both beginners and older experts”

Cosmic FOMO is a launch GameFi app that aims to educate users about trading digital assets without risking their assets, but with an upside to earn in-game tokens. Thanks to the expertise of the MarsDAO team, Cosmic FOMO avoids all the typical and challenging problems of Play to Earn projects. The game integrates 5 deflationary tools and a dual tokenomics model to make the token economy sustainable in the long run.

“We have a huge experience in the GameFi industry”

The gameplay is really simple: mint a pilot when you enter the game, choose a portfolio of assets that you think will gain in the next hour, and then get rewarded if your strategy outperforms the market! You can upgrade your pilot and his specific skills depending on your trading strategy.

"People need to be educated, but the mechanics of a traditional way do not work enough. In GameFi we have some potential for up-scaling".

To join the game, you will need an NFT box, as you will be minting a pilot when you open the app. Here is a link with instructions on how to do this. After the launch of the app (25th April), unsold NFTs will be burned and the first players will form a secondary market. Users with 2 or more NFTs will be able to mint new pilots to play or trade on the NFT marketplace.

Didn't get on the air with Cosmic Fomo?

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The show is available on Twitter Metatalks. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments and Mike will answer them, too!