Shortly after the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II, dozens of meme coins and NFTs dedicated to her and her reign appeared on the crypto market.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. She wore the British crown for 70 years and 214 days. The death of the longest-reigning monarch in UK history has drawn the attention of the crypto community. A few hours after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II, the crypto market welcomed the Queen Elizabeth Inu, Queen Doge, God Save The Queen, London Bridge Is Down, Queen Grow, Rip Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth II and Queen Inu II meme coins. In total, more than 40 meme coins were launched on the Ethereum and BNB Binance Chain networks within the first 24 hours after the Queens' death.

According to Dex Screener, the Binance Smart Chain-based Queen Elizabeth Inu skyrocketed by an astonishing 47,655% within the first 24 hours of its existence. But later it decreased sharply, losing approximately all the progress it achieved.

However, the trading volume of the new-launched meme coins is far from royal levels. As of September 12, QUEEN/WBNB trading volume on PancakeSwap was barely $6,000.

OpenSea, the largest NFT platform by trading volume, has dozens of collections dedicated to Elizabeth II: Queen Elizabeth 69 Years NFT (the name contains a mistake in the number of years that Elizabeth II reigned), RIP The Queen Official (8000 digital works of art depicting the Queen), QueenE, and others.

It's worth noting that NFT collection QueenE dedicated to Elizabeth II was launched back in July. Since July, it minted more than 70 digital art pieces. The idea of the collection was to launch new procedurally generated pieces once a day for the rest of the Queen’s life. Thus, the NFT #73 will be the last NFT released as a part of the collection dedicated to Elizabeth II.

“Rest in Ethereum, forever,” the project’s Twitter bio now reads.

The crypto community was split on the attitude to the launch of such meme coins. Many were outraged by the attempt to capitalize on the death of the monarch.

"My arse is it. Quick cash grab by scumbags. Some people would monetize a massacre if they thought they could get away with it," a Reddit-user wrote.

Other users contemptuously drew attention to the fact that interest in such coins is very low, and they are traded by 3-4 freaks.