The basic hashtag #crypto, with 4 million posts and 30 billion views, is outpacing all other financial hashtags in the TikTok community in popularity, including #finance, #investing, and even #trading CoinGecko reports. Among the crypto-related hashtags, #bitcoin is leading by a wide margin.


Hashtags like #nft, #metaverse, #defi, and #blockchain have also gained significant popularity on TikTok, racking billions of views each. While general topics account for 8 of the top 15 hashtags, hashtags from other crypto sectors, such as #web3 (200k posts, 1B views) or #playtoearn, are much less prevalent.


Notably, #metaverse and #defi have the highest ratio of views to posts, suggesting more interest than content for these topics. This might indicate a potential opportunity for crypto marketers to promote DeFi and metaverse projects in TikTok.

Geographically, Europe accounts for 14 of the top 15 countries in the TikTok crypto rankings, with 10 of them being members of the EU. Morocco is the only non-European country in the top 15.