A series of recent perspectives from industry luminaries, including Raoul Pal, Chris Burniske, and Arthur Hayes, shed light on the factors that could shape the next crypto bull market. With projections that range from cautiously optimistic to exuberantly bullish, these experts help elucidate the key macro drivers that investors should consider when navigating the complicated and shifting global market landscape.

False Narratives and True Catalysts: Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision and a seasoned macro investor, believes the forthcoming crypto bull market is likely to kick off in Q2 2024, coinciding with Bitcoin’s next halving event. Contrary to popular belief that Bitcoin halvings serve as the primary bull runs catalyst, Pal argues that macro factors will be the decisive elements shaping the market’s trajectory.

“Macro is actually the dominant factor, and the halving is a false narrative, but it doesn’t matter because it still works,” Pal said in an interview with Cointelegraph.

In the backdrop, central banks are expected to cut interest rates and roll out fiscal stimulus packages, potentially spurring cryptocurrency adoption. While avoiding specific price predictions, Pal pointed out that based on past performance, Bitcoin could potentially double or triple its latest all-time highs.

The Million-Dollar Question: Arthur Hayes’ Grand Projections

Arthur Hayes, the BitMEX founder, presented an even more bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s future in his interview with YouTuber Tom Bilyeu. Hayes envisions that Bitcoin could be valued between $750,000 and $1 million by 2026. This prediction rests on a combination of factors, including Bitcoin’s limited supply, geopolitical turbulence, and the prospects of Bitcoin ETFs in major regulated markets.

Hayes also emphasized that central bank policies will likely push investors toward assets like cryptocurrencies when high interest rates become undesirable. “Crypto is one of those things,” Hayes affirmed, suggesting that the broader financial landscape could experience an unprecedented boom.

Chris Burniske: A Voice of Caution Amidst Exuberance

Chris Burniske, the founder of Placeholder Capital, expressed a more nuanced viewpoint. He cautions that both Bitcoin and Ether could still face price corrections, with BTC potentially dipping into the low $20,000s and ETH to the low $1,000s. However, he considers these lower levels as attractive entry points for those with a long-term investing horizon.


Crypto as Global Investments Diversification Tool

Major cryptocurrencies are increasingly being viewed as a potential hedge against economic instability. Amid growing concerns over a possible collapse in US Treasury bonds and escalating geopolitical turbulence — now with an unprecedented Hamas attack on Israel — Bitcoin is gaining attention as a comparably reliable diversification tool with asymmetric growth potential.

While global chaos and a challenging geopolitical environment are bad for people, so far, they seem to be incredibly good for Bitcoin’s valuation.

How Not To Suck At Trading

Tactical trading is hard. Risk management and position sizing are key. Without proper risk management and position sizing, you will suck at trading on a distance.

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