Betting and gambling have always been popular forms of entertainment, with people from all over the world enjoying the thrill of the games. In recent years, technological advancements and changing cultural attitudes have led to significant shifts in the industry. We talked to Nikita Vasev, the Strategic Lead of Dexsport, about trends in the development of these market segments.

MetaTalks: Trends in the betting industry in 2023: your view on the future of the industry?

Nikita Vassev: In the web2 market, more and more cryptocurrency payment gateways and methods will be added, such as cryptocurrency recharge, web3 wallet recharge and linking to DeFi. Any project that doesn't want to lose its audience that has assets should adapt to the new market.

MT: Which blockchain technologies could advance betting and gaming by 2023?

NV: Web3 wallets such as MetaMask and WalletConnect, which accumulate synchronicity with mainstream wallets, will definitely help by reducing the registration and deposit process.

MT: Is there a lot of demand for betting at the moment? Has the bear market affected it?

NV: The betting market is constantly growing and developing, just like the cryptocurrency market, because the events that are bet on do not depend on the script rate, so betting activity does not decrease. Betting on cryptocurrency prices already exists and it only adds to the variety.

MT: Is it safe to say that web3 makes betting anonymous?

NV: Yes, you don't have to go through KYC, you just have to connect your web3 wallet.

MT: Which crypto token is the most popular for betting and gambling?

NV: As our stats demonstrates, these are USDT (trc20), LTC, BTC.

MT: Tell us about Dexsport: how did you get started and what are your plans for the future?

NV: MVP and showed it to the market right away, then started scaling. Future plans: improve the product, improve the community, ask users about their real pain points - fix them and survive the bear market.

MT: What is the killer feature of Dexsport?

NV: It's hard to pick just one. Our focus is on a few unique features. These are Web3, anonymity, operational feedback, one of the best e-sport lines.

MT: One to five - how easy is it for a newcomer to enter the betting world of Web3?

NV: I'll give it three points. A lot of people don't understand how blockchains work, that you have to pay gas for transactions to take actions in defi, so everyone is still in if the market is worth improving, changing and creating.