W3N 2023, the most significant Web3 conference at the Edge of Europe, is set to run from 12th to 13th December in the iconic city of Narva. Held in a complex that once was a secret Soviet-era factory, now a beacon of culture and innovation, the event will gather a diverse global audience to create meaningful connections and explore the world of AI and Web3. 

Developers, founders, visionaries and policy makers - the conference will feature world-renowned speakers such as Raido Saar (Estonian Web3 Chamber), David D Christensen (Global Step), Tung Hoang (Komodo Health), as well as Henrik Trasberg (Ministry of Justice) and Shahab Anbarjafari (PwC Finland), among others.

The event's unique character extends beyond talks on AI, DeFi, Gaming and DAOs. Attendees can anticipate an enchanting performance by Italian artist Matteo Mandelli to inaugurate the conference, followed by evenings rich in networking and cultural experiences, including a quintessential Estonian afterparty featuring a sauna on wheels.

W3N is organised by ZenFrog Lab and supported by Startup Estonia, Beamline Accelerator and OBJEKT.

Be part of the global movement and join the unforgettable journey of forging ahead in AI and Web3. For more information, visit website.

The agenda is live, tickets are on sale here and the prices will increase at the end of October 2023.

Interested in becoming a partner? Send W3N an email.