The crypto industry continues growing at an ever-increasing pace. Despite the temporary setbacks brought by the reigning crypto winter, the space keeps welcoming new projects that now have to fight more than ever for every little bit of the winter sun that is the attention of crypto investors. This level of competition puts greater emphasis on choosing the right marketing strategy for the project.

Over the past few years the importance of quality marketing has only been increasing, becoming a major deciding factor in the success of a crypto startup. Attracting the interest and funding from investors — especially at an early stage — is absolutely crucial, and it requires achieving a number of marketing-related goals. There are marketing agencies that specialize in promoting crypto projects so that the actual teams don’t have to spend time and resources, which are always scarce in startups.

Cryptomarketing is an industry specializing in promoting the services and products of companies involved in the highly competitive cryptocurrency space. Cryptomarketing agencies leverage the methods that have already proven their effectiveness in other areas: Public Relations, social media marketing, creating tailored content, and engaging media personalities and influencers. The only truly substantial difference between the traditional and crypto agencies is that the latter command a treasure trove of nontrivial knowledge and experience in this nuanced space that allow them to establish authority in the highly skeptical online community surrounding it.

However, not every agency claiming to be the expert in this field is worth their salt. To meet and exceed the demands in a quick and efficient manner the agency must have a highly experienced professional team, where every member knows their role from A to Z, regardless of the complexity of the project. Based on our multi-year analysis, here are the top 5 cryptomarketing agencies that are worth your while in 2023.

1. CryptoPR

CryptoPR is a London-based international marketing agency  specializing in promoting crypto projects. The company employs over 100 professionals, manages one of the largest crypto news outlets in Germany, France, and Northern Europe.

The agency boasts an impressive portfolio, a global network of partner websites with high Google rankings. The largest CryptoPR clients are Binance, eToro,, Paybis, Defi Coins и Cryptopia.

Key services:

·      creating tailored content;

·      NFT promotion and consulting;

·      banner ads;

·      international ad campaigns.

2. Crypto-A

Established in 2017, Crypto-A was built on top of an existing PR firm to specialize in crypto startups and blockchain projects. From social media management and exchange partnerships to community building, the company’s portfolio boasts a few dozen successful projects.

The list of their largest clients include, LHCrypto, InnovaMinex, Sharpay, Era7 and others. The agency’s journalists have had their own works published on Cointelegraph, Cointribune, Forklog, Coinidol, FOMO, and other media outlets.

Key services:

·      promotion and consulting in NFT/ICO/DeFi;

·      PR campaign development and deployment;

·      creating tailored content;

·      media publications;

·      social media promotion;

·      partnerships with other projects and the media;

·      influencer marketing;

·      web development;

·      copywriting;

3. IdolMe Agency

IdolMe Agency, an international marketing lab, has been working with crypto companies since 2013 and specializes in promoting projects at an early stage of their development, as well as increasing brand awareness for established projects. The agency has a sizable portfolio and robust partnerships with global crypto media outlets. Their list of clients includes Alfacash, Bithumb Global, and Coinspaid.

The standout feature of IdolMe Agency is its ability to work with an extremely wide range of text genres, depending on the PR goal or marketing strategy, be it short tweets, or social media posts, or longread posts and studies.

Key services:

·        marketing strategy development;

·        social media promotion;

·        community building around the brand and product;

·        spots with influencers from all over the globe;

·        PR campaign development and deployment;

·        creating various types of content.

4. Coinzilla

In contrast with other entries on this list, Coinzilla is not exactly a cryptomarketing agency in the true sense. Coinzilla is a financial and cryptocurrency ad network with an array of partner websites that are leveraged to deploy efficient PR campaigns. The largest Coinzilla clients are Huobi,, BitPanda, CoinGecko и KuCoin.

Key services:

·        lead generation;

·        paid advertising;

·        ad campaign management.

5. NeoReach

NeoReach works with Fortune 500 brands and companies. The agency develops intricate cryptomarketing campaigns for DeFi and Web 3.0 projects. The largest NeoReach clients are History Channel, Robinhood, and Clash.

Key services:

·        influencer marketing;

·        marketing strategy development;

·        market niche research;

·        paid media spots.