RECUR, the premier web3 platform known for helping major enterprises launch innovative, multi-chain digital collectible experiences, is excited to introduce RECUR Builder, a new end-to-end, low-code, and enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

RECUR Builder enables enterprises to build, launch, and operate web3 experiences at scale, managed entirely through a unified SaaS dashboard.
This new platform unlocks the vast potential of web3 for enterprises. Historically, businesses have struggled with navigating the technical and operational complexities of web3. As a result, most have been unable to harness web3's unique promise - creating next generation commerce experiences, increasing user retention, elevating loyalty programs with new levels of personalization, and more.

RECUR Builder was created to remove the barriers of bringing a company into the web3 space. Notably, RECUR has already provided the web3 infrastructure for iconic brands like Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, Care Bears™, Star Trek™, Top Gun: Maverick, emoji™, and more. This SaaS platform is now empowering companies of all sizes to seamlessly integrate web3 into their existing products, marketing stack, video games, and more. Enterprises now have access to the entire web3 stack in one end-to-end software tool.

"RECUR Builder bridges the gap between web2 and web3. With this SaaS tool, marketers and product leaders can enter web3 and focus on what they do best. Now, a marketer focused on loyalty doesn't have to be a web3 expert too. Instead, they can leverage RECUR Builder to integrate web3 seamlessly and enhance their existing loyalty program." said Zach Bruch, RECUR CEO, "For the first time, anyone from marketers running loyalty programs to product managers laying out their roadmaps can capture all the value web3 has to offer with one frictionless SaaS platform."

RECUR Builder is currently in closed beta with its launch cohort of enterprise customers actively developing on the platform. Visit to learn more.


RECUR is the premier web3 software platform offering all of the tools a business needs to integrate web3. Building the new web3 standard, RECUR empowers customers with the widest range of web3 distribution and utility. RECUR offers a global, flexible, and intuitive institutional-grade software suite that enables everything needed to enter web3 securely, scalably, and seamlessly. RECUR allows developers, marketers, and more to harness the power of web3 from a unified dashboard.

With the newly unveiled RECUR Builder, customers are free to spend more time focusing on their core competencies: delivering novel gameplay, engaging customers with immersive storytelling, and delivering captivating user experiences—all from one flexible, enterprise-grade platform.

RECUR makes web3 simple.