Tbilisi, Georgia, is gearing up to host the inaugural iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023, presenting an enticing blend of business and celebration for attendees. Promising to serve as the grand finale to the iGaming calendar year, the event is positioned as a festive extravaganza that combines networking, industry insights, and holiday cheer.

Scheduled to unfold in the culturally rich and vibrant city of Tbilisi, attendees will have the opportunity to experience an early Christmas atmosphere, complete with Christmas lights and warm hospitality. The event organizers encourage participants to take advantage of the city's charm by exploring ancient landmarks, wandering cobblestone streets, and savoring authentic Georgian cuisine, offering a well-rounded experience beyond the business-oriented agenda.

Ilya Machavariani, CEO & Senior Partner of 4H Agency, expressed anticipation for the event, particularly highlighting his enthusiasm for connecting with local stakeholders and showcasing Tbilisi to attendees:

“I have a special place in my heart for local events. I am quite looking forward to meeting with the local stakeholders and I am very much looking forward to welcoming everyone in Tbilisi, which is a great city to visit, and to show everybody around if I get the chance”.

Positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia emerges as a strategic market bridging East and West. Boasting a favorable business environment, a thriving tech scene, and appealing tax incentives, the country aims to solidify its standing on the global stage. The iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 provides attendees with an opportunity to engage in discussions covering both local and global industry trends, all within the backdrop of Tbilisi's charm.

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