The number of token holders has increased to 40,000 users.

FRGX is an open-source, limited issuance token released on the BNB Chain blockchain. It will soon be listed on one of the TOP-10 centralised exchanges. The news of successful negotiations with the platform appeared in the project's official Telegram community.

The specific exchange onto which the project will be listed is not disclosed yet. However, FRGX creators hinted that the listing would happen soon and would contribute to achieving the ambitious goal announced in the project's community right after its launch: by 2024, FRGX Token will be among the TOP coins issued on the BNB network.

The token itself entered the market just three months ago, on December 20, 2023, but work on its creation began in 2022. The project team, consisting of experienced developers, financiers, and marketers who have launched several blockchain projects, spent over a year developing a robust financial model aimed at ensuring stable price growth and long-term user interest in the token.
By the time FRGX was released, the developers had already managed to form a community of potentially interested users, which significantly expanded after the token was released on the market. Currently, FRGX Token on the BNB Chain has almost 40,000 holders attracted by the project's well-thought-out tokenomics and its complete decentralisation. The team relinquished control of the FRGX token smart contract, thus handing over the coin entirely to the community and holders.

From day one, all FRGX tokens were available on the open market, further emphasising the transparency and fairness of the project, which simply has no coins reserved for creators or influential individuals, the sudden release of which could crash the token price.

The token employs deflationary mechanisms, and the token issuance decreases daily, naturally increasing its value over time. This strategy has already allowed FRGX to build a strong community. The rapid growth of interest in the project and the number of its followers reflects the intrinsic value of the coin and its attractiveness to a wide audience seeking reliable investment instruments. FRGX Finance supports staking and farming, providing its holders with the opportunity to earn by locking their tokens in the common staking pool, thereby aligning with long-term investment strategies.

In addition, the project is also developing the utility of FRGX: several products already actively use the token (namely, the decentralised marketing platform Qornex, allowing token stacking to receive rewards in FRGX, the recently launched mobile Play 2 Earn game Meo World, and the upcoming multiplayer game CLIX GAME, the release of which will take place soon). Additionally, developers plan to create a SocialFi ecosystem to launch products using FRGX tokens, further diversifying their ecosystem and adding attractiveness to the coin, giving its holders additional benefits.

By the end of February 2024, FRGX reached a daily trading volume of $2 million on decentralised exchanges and a market capitalization of $9 million. These achievements have already propelled it into the TOP-50 tokens on the BNB Smart Chain by the number of holders (all within just three months).

The developers' commitment to maximum transparency and the project's community orientation have already made the token a desirable asset in the cryptocurrency market. The upcoming listing of FRGX on one of the largest exchanges will give a significant boost to further project growth and bring it closer to its coveted goal: to be among the TOP-10 tokens on BSC in 2024.