Real review of Byfalio futures exchange. User reviews. Scammers or top exchange? The whole truth about Byfal.

Byfalio is a leading crypto-social trading exchange with access to futures trading. The exchange has already gained the status of a people's exchange for many, opening up the rapidly growing crypto market to everyone interested.

SmartGuide analysts have verified: the Byfalio exchange has managed to gain recognition from many major websites and projects. Take TradingView, for example. In 2023, it named it the best exchange intermediary. A positive review of the platform was published by Investing. It believes: the only downside of our hero is the refusal to serve clients from the United States.

Why choose Byfalio?

The exchange occupies a leading position in the list of top cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume over 24 hours, and also has a sufficiently high liquidity indicator, which guarantees accurate quote values and minimizes the chance of slippage when opening/closing positions. It is also worth noting that Byfalio upholds high security standards. This cryptocurrency exchange is one of the first to undergo Proof of Reserves (POR) verification, which guarantees reserve backing and the security of all clients' funds.


Overall, reviews of working with the Byfalio exchange are positive. Users note the convenient interface, high liquidity, and a wide selection of cryptocurrency pairs.

It is worth noting that the platform has a very strong team of founders, as it includes people with experience working at such large companies as Google, Huawei, J.P. Morgan, and others. Overall, this is a reliable platform with zero fees and a wide choice of assets.

Deposit/withdrawal methods on Byfalio

You can deposit funds into Byfalio either by cryptocurrency transfer (from another exchange or cryptocurrency wallet) or by bank card issued by Russian or Ukrainian banks. You can also withdraw funds either by cryptocurrency transfer or to a bank card.

Also, Byfalio - Was verified by the editorial office, by means of depositing and withdrawing 1000 USDT.

An interesting point: the withdrawal was instantaneous and processed within 5 seconds, as the exchange has auto-withdrawals in all directions. The exchange is HD level protected in Web3, and this is commendable!

ByFalio Mobile App

For the digital generation and traders who are constantly on the move, it is necessary to constantly monitor their open positions. That is why Byfalio has created a mobile application, available on iOS and Android, and has ensured its good functionality.

In fact, the application allows you to use the same features as Bybit or Binance websites, with advanced chart settings and order management. Here traders can also set price levels, and when they are reached, they will receive push notifications on their phones.

Conclusion of the ByFalio review: reliable exchange or scam?

One of the main reasons for using exchanges is security, speed, convenience, and liquidity. The Byfalio exchange is focused on active traders. The exchange follows the principle of "less is better". There are no investment products, staking, and other passive earning tools here. At the same time, a serious set of trading tools is implemented. TradingView has twice recognized Byfalio as one of the best exchanges on the market. The exchange is loyal to users who are not familiar with KYC - there are no serious restrictions for traders without verification. Zero trading fees make the exchange attractive for scalping and day trading.