Bored Ape Yacht Club blue-chip collection was fully minted in Bitcoin Inscriptions last week, resulting in a record spike in the daily transaction fees associated with minting Bitcoin Ordinals, according to a Dune report.

And that also means that of the total 467+ GB of data in the Bitcoin blockchain, 1.46 GB now comprises images of monkeys.

The total number of Bitcoin inscriptions meanwhile passed 600,000. Most of them are comprised of plain text and images, but some may also contain music or video games (like this 8-bit Doom clone) – all written directly into the Bitcoin blockchain.


People even minting 'BRC-20' meme tokens on Bitcoin via Ordinals:

Miners are happy with the increase in commissions, orthodox bitcoiners are sounding the alarm because of clogging the blockchain, while inscriptions advocates believe that "in a weird way this is actually really good for Bitcoin," with "every single inscription is making the Bitcoin network more decentralized and more secure." (@LeonidasNFT)

Meanwhile, Magic Eden, the largest Solana NFT marketplace, has extended its multi-chain expansion on Bitcoin (thread), too.

Such Bitcoin NFT infrastructure growth could lay the groundwork for the next Ordinals hype cycle in the most hyped-up Web3 trend of 2023. And some experts are predicting a surge in Bitcoin NFT trading activity.

Аnd below is an arbitrary and incomplete set of tools for those who might be interested: