Guest writer: Katerina Kondratenko

In the wild world of crypto, there are coins that inevitably grab my attention, even earning a spot among my modest investments. I'm drawn to projects that exude honesty and skip the hype, like the surprisingly popular meme coins. These underdogs don't dream of world domination; they're content to exist like peaceful atoms in the cryptosphere. The key is to identify when and where these coins are about to explode in value.

On the other hand, there are serious projects backed by millions and massive PR campaigns. Their success is almost inevitable, but that doesn't mean they're any less exciting.

Meme Coins: Where Fun Meets Fortune

When it comes to meme coins, everyone loves to warn about the risks, volatility, and shady speculation. But who cares, right? In the right hands, these concepts can yield some serious returns. The trick is picking the right ones.

Now, I can't in good conscience start tossing out recommendations – that's a responsibility best left to the Elon Musks of the world. However, I do believe there are a few meme coin projects worth keeping a discerning eye on. Allow me to share a few thoughts.

BEERCOIN: Cheers to the Future of Brews!

This coin brings beer lovers worldwide together in a virtual toast. Built on the SOLANA network, BEERCOIN boasts a massive supply (888,888,888,888 tokens!) with each valued at $1. The pre-sale is over, but the real party's about to start. The team behind BEERCOIN has a decade of experience with market makers, so you know they know their stuff.

Check out the chart – BEERCOIN's been on a tear since May 28th. It's already listed on decentralized exchanges like Radyium, Jupiter, and Orca. But the best part? Major exchanges like Binance, ByBit, OKX, Kucoin, BitGet, and Bitfinex are on board too. ByBit already has it, and Binance is next!

Forget boring investments – BEERCOIN's got amazing prizes lined up: a ten-year beer supply, a hundred HEINEKEN shares, an Oktoberfest trip on a private jet, and even a Tesla Cybertruck overflowing with beer cans! Now that's something to raise a glass to!

PEPE: The Frog King

This coin may not be as hot right now, but a year ago, it made waves, proving that a simple meme in the right hands can reach billion-dollar capitalization.

PEPE has a deflationary nature, meaning the total number of coins gradually decreases. This is interesting. Many cryptocurrencies with a strictly limited emission ceiling have this feature due to the inevitable loss of coins, but here a special mechanism burns a portion of the commission from each transaction.

PEPE is now traded on decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap, Jupiter, and similar platforms, as well as centralized ones, including Binance.

Is it worth buying now? The descending curve and fading glory of this meme coin, to be honest, do not encourage acquisition. However, DOGE has been around for a long time and periodically rises in value amid tweets from "crypto kings."

TONCOIN: The Future of Telegram

This remarkable and promising project can't be ignored. I've been watching its development with interest for several years, and I think I'm not alone. From the very beginning, it's been in the spotlight, with so many hopes, disappointments, and still through "thorns to the stars," in a word. But it couldn't have been otherwise. The success of Telegram automatically extends to everything associated with it.

To date, Pavel Durov officially has no relation to this decentralized open-source project. But his "invisible presence" is still felt. And that's good.

TON operates on a hybrid consensus of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), which significantly speeds up transactions.

However, it's best to leave the technical details to the specialists.

First and foremost, TON is a means of payment, like any other cryptocurrency. It can also be used for payments in TON applications and services or to purchase domain names on TON DNS. Additionally, the foundation has already been laid for a decentralized network of websites along with a distributed file storage system that operates on a torrent principle. Essentially, TON is already a full-fledged ecosystem, which you can explore through the TonScan resource. There you will find basic project information, as well as a section with various applications and services based on TON.

The market capitalization of the coin is around $17 billion, securing it the 9th place in the overall cryptocurrency ranking, and its value curve is confidently trending upward.

By the way, TON is not just used for serious projects but also for quite amusing ones. For example, the "strange hamster" everyone is talking about. It's not just any random hamster, but a real "battle" hamster, based on the game of the same name in Telegram.

And it only needs one thing — for you to "poke it with your finger"! As a "crypto exchange director," you will earn coins in the new project. Although, in reality, there are more complex quests, and to solve them you will need to learn Morse code.

In the future, the project founders promise the inevitable listing of "earned coins" on exchanges. So, if you missed NOTCOIN — you still have a chance to "click" what you missed. Moreover, TON representatives have officially confirmed cooperation with Hamster Kombat, whose Telegram channel already has more than 21 million subscribers. This is definitely the trend of the year!

In fact, this is the second project of this type that has gathered a multimillion-dollar audience in the shortest possible time. The first was NOTCOIN, and it deserves special attention.

NOTCOIN: The Game of Upgrades

It all started as a simple clicker game in a Telegram bot. Click on the coin — earn profit. During its existence, the project attracted more than 35 million users. Fortunately, the size of the messenger's audience contributes to the promotion of such campaigns. Then there were tasks like registering a TON wallet or verifying on the Binance exchange. And it's cool — many got closer to cryptocurrencies.

By early April, the "mining" of the asset was completed, and the next phase of the project began — the coin, which previously existed only as a game asset, was implemented on the TON blockchain. This is the first major project in this ecosystem.

On May 16, several major cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, OKX, and Bybit listed the NOT token. Just a week ago, it already showed more than double growth.

On June 16, the destruction of inactive tokens is planned, which raises significant hopes among short-term coin holders, as the total number of NOT should decrease, positively affecting the price.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has already announced the possible hundredfold growth of this coin. Sounds familiar, right? There is also speculation that Pavel is somehow connected to this project, but "the world is full of rumors." Although, he still owns about 15% of the total emission.

Overall, we can only watch the development of events with interest.

Conclusion: Riding the Crypto Wave

I'm drawn to young and promising projects with original ideas. There are one-day coins, and there are long-lived ones like DOGE. I believe that BEERCOIN or NOTCOIN, for example, will become something more than just "buy-sell" assets and will stand alongside their titled predecessors. And coins like TONCOIN will challenge the market mastodons and make our world a bit more interesting.

The crypto landscape is ever-evolving, with new projects emerging and established ones adapting. It's an exciting time to be involved, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these and other innovative coins.