A|Q FORENSICS and Crystal Blockchain Analytics are joining their expertise and resources, thus providing their clients with a more comprehensive portfolio of services. Crystal offers software solutions that interpret complex blockchain data. At the same time, A|Q FORENSICS provides expertise in leading digital forensics investigations and analyzing digital data giving evidence to support investigations.

The collaboration between A|Q FORENSICS and Crystal will help clients navigate the complex legal and financial circumstances related to digital crimes and cryptocurrency incidents. Both companies provide a complete picture of blockchain-based transactions and digital data, ultimately enabling clients to make more informed decisions and take appropriate action.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Crystal. By combining our expertise in digital forensics and blockchain analytics, we can provide our clients with a more comprehensive suite of services for investigating digital crimes and incidents related to cryptocurrencies,” stated Albert Quehenberger, CEO & Founder of AQ Forensics.

“Crystal is a leading company in the field of blockchain analytics and risk management, and we are excited to work with them to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. With their cutting-edge software solutions and our extensive experience in conducting digital forensics investigations, we are confident that our partnership will help our clients navigate complex legal and financial situations related to digital crimes and incidents involving cryptocurrencies.”

Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal Blockchain said:

“We are truly enthusiastic now that we’ve joined forces with A|Q FORENSICS. Our joint resources promise to deliver even more outstanding results in digital assets forensics. By collaborating, Crystal Blockchain Analytics and A|Q FORENSICS can pool their expertise and resources to provide clients with a more comprehensive suite of services. We look forward to working with A|Q FORENSICS and delivering exceptional results for our clients.”

Crystal provides blockchain analytics and risk management solutions to support blockchain investigations, compliance, and intelligence. With advanced blockchain monitoring and investigative technology, Crystal can power your investigations and enhance blockchain analytics.