The practice of fundraising stretches back thousands of years. Historical records show that the Greeks initiated public benefactions known as "euergetism" as early as the 5th century BCE. Wealthy citizens were expected to contribute a portion of their wealth to the polis (city-state), funding public works, festivals, and assistance for the impoverished.

While the core principles of fundraising remained largely unchanged for centuries, the advent of the digital age during the .com boom of the 1990s revolutionized how individuals and organizations mobilize support for their causes.

Now, there’s no single ‘euergetism’, and with countless options available, selecting the ideal platform can be daunting. In this guide, we present the five most effective fundraising platforms tailored for your initiatives, offering insights and strategies to maximize your success.


We give first place to the UFANDAO platform. UFANDAO introduces a decentralized and community-powered model. This innovative approach excludes any third parties and mediators, allowing fundraisers to receive all donations directly in real time via their preferred method. Unlike other platforms, UFANDAO does not have access to the raised money, eliminating concerns about fund mismanagement.

The platform accommodates various causes, ranging from individual aspirations such as startups and educational pursuits to broader dreams like global travel or acquiring desired items such as a new Sony PlayStation. What sets UFANDAO apart is its mutual benefit model, which encourages fundraisers to support others' dreams, generating positive outcomes for all participants.

Since its inception in 2022, UFANDAO has experienced remarkable growth and success. Within just two months of its official launch, it attracted over 40,000 unique users from more than 100 countries. This rapid adoption can be attributed to the platform's commitment to transparency, offering dependable fundraising conditions that distinguish it from competitors.

Overall, UFANDAO's emergence signifies a transformative shift in fundraising dynamics, empowering individuals worldwide to support each other's dreams in a transparent, gamified, and mutually beneficial ecosystem. The platform is available globally, with no country restrictions.

2. Kickstarter 

Kickstarter is a name everyone in the crowdfunding realm is familiar with, renowned for supporting B2C campaigns since its inception in 2009. With a track record of over $5 billion raised for 200,000 projects by 19 million backers, Kickstarter excels in fostering creative endeavors such as art, music, film, design, and fashion. It offers diverse funding models, including all-or-nothing and flexible funding, providing a platform for innovative projects to flourish. 

However, success on Kickstarter hinges on crafting a compelling narrative and actively engaging the community to meet funding goals. To create a project on Kickstarter, fundraisers must be registered in one of the 25 countries where the platform officially operates.

3. Indiegogo 

As another prominent player in the arena, Indiegogo offers a versatile platform for B2C ventures. Established in 2008, Indiegogo provides various funding options, including flexible funding and equity crowdfunding, catering to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and creators.

While Indiegogo offers flexibility, creators should be mindful of the platform's smaller reach, necessitating proactive efforts to drive visibility and attract backers through engaging content and strategic promotion. 

4. GoFundMe 

GoFundMe is the go-to platform for individuals and organizations seeking to raise funds for personal causes, emergencies, medical expenses, and charitable endeavors. 

Founded in 2010, GoFundMe has facilitated over $15 billion in donations for a wide array of campaigns, making it one of the largest crowdfunding platforms globally. With its user-friendly interface and robust social sharing features, GoFundMe empowers users to harness the power of social networks to amplify their fundraising efforts. 

However, it's essential to craft a compelling story and leverage social media effectively to stand out amidst the vast array of campaigns on the platform. Moreover, the platform is only available in 20 countries. 

5. Fundly 

Fundly distinguishes itself as a user-friendly crowdfunding platform tailored for individuals, nonprofits, and political campaigns. Launched in 2009, Fundly has facilitated over $330 million in donations for a diverse range of causes, leveraging the power of social networking and mobile optimization to drive fundraising success. With customizable campaign pages, built-in social sharing tools, and seamless donation processing, Fundly empowers users to create impactful campaigns and mobilize supporters effectively. 

However, users should be mindful of the platform’s fee structure, and make sure to invest in strategic outreach efforts to maximize fundraising outcomes. Moreover, the platform is available in just 6 countries. 

Final thoughts 

Selecting the right fundraising platform is pivotal to realizing your goals effectively. Whether you are seeking to fund creative projects, build a loyal community, or launch a startup, these five platforms offer diverse opportunities for fundraising success. By leveraging their respective strengths and implementing strategic approaches, freelancers can navigate the crowdfunding landscape with confidence and propel their ventures to new heights.