Explore the innovative world of Farcana Game, created by visionary developer Ilman Shazhaev. Learn how this groundbreaking game combines skill-based competition with Bitcoin rewards in a unique gaming experience.

In the world of competitive gaming, one name stands out as a true innovator: Ilman Shazhaev. As the creator of Farcana, a groundbreaking game that rewards players with Bitcoin, Shazhaev has not only changed the way we think about gaming but also how we approach earning cryptocurrency. Farcana's unique Play-to-Hash (P2H) system offers a transparent and guaranteed prize pool, giving players the chance to compete for real rewards based on their skills and abilities. Let's take a closer look at the man behind this revolutionary game and the innovative features that set Farcana apart from other gaming experiences.

The Mastermind: Ilman Shazhaev

Ilman Shazhaev is a visionary entrepreneur who recognized the potential of combining gaming and cryptocurrency. With the creation of Farcana, he took the best aspects of both worlds and melded them into an engaging and rewarding experience for players. Shazhaev's passion for gaming, coupled with his keen understanding of technology and economics, has allowed him to develop a unique platform that challenges players while simultaneously offering them the chance to earn Bitcoin.

Farcana: A Game of Skill, Not Gambling

Unlike casino games or gambling, Farcana focuses on rewarding players for their skills and abilities, making it a true game of skill. The game consists of three main components: the Free For All Competition, the Pro League, and the World Championship. Each of these elements provides different opportunities for players to compete and earn Bitcoin rewards.

  1. Free For All Competition: Open to everyone, this free-to-play option allows participants to compete for Bitcoin rewards based on their performance and ranking during the quarterly season. There's no entry fee, making it accessible to all gamers.
  2. Pro League: For more dedicated players, the Pro League offers higher Bitcoin rewards during its monthly seasons. To participate, players must own a Battle Pass, and their rewards depend on their performance and teamwork. This competitive league demands exceptional skill and coordination.
  3. World Championship: The ultimate showdown, this by-invitation-only championship features the best teams in a fast-paced, high-stakes competition with a lucrative prize pool. Invitations are based on players' performance in the Free For All Competition and Pro League, with some players receiving sponsor-based invitations.

Play-to-Hash (P2H): Farcana's Patented Reward System

What sets Farcana apart from other games is its patented P2H system. This in-game reward solution offers a transparent and guaranteed Bitcoin prize pool, independent of the number of players, tokens sold, or community activity. Bitcoins are mined and distributed consistently through Farcana tournaments, ensuring a fair and engaging experience for all participants.


Ilman Shazhaev's Farcana has revolutionized the gaming industry by providing a platform where players can hone their skills and be rewarded with Bitcoin. With its unique P2H system and various competition tiers, Farcana promises an exciting and potentially lucrative experience for gamers of all skill levels. To learn more about Farcana and start your journey towards earning Bitcoin, visit their official website.