For the past two months, more NFTs were sold on Polygon through OpenSea than on Ethereum. That's pretty exciting for Polygon fans, especially with the crypto market on the rise.

OpenSea reported over 1.5 million NFT sales on Polygon compared to just over 1.1 million on Ethereum in January. The trend from December continued with Polygon boasting 1.3 million NFT sales while Ethereum had a little under 1 million.

Why the shift? Well, Polygon and other layer-1 blockchains like Solana and Avalanche are known for offering lower transaction fees, making NFT collections more accessible.

And the top Polygon NFT collection in January? Donald Trump's digital trading cards, with nearly 5,500 sales and nearly $2.8 million in trading volume.

Polygon's been killin' it with big brand deals - they teamed up with big names like Meta, Starbucks, and Reddit. And with more game projects jumping on board, more and more assets are being traded on their sidechain.

Now, Ethereum has been the go-to blockchain for NFTs, but high gas fees can sometimes outweigh the cost of the actual asset. While the recent Ethereum merge did reduce energy consumption, it didn't fix the gas fee issue.