Hidden Beauty, the pioneering NFT project dedicated to the artistry of Pablo Picasso, unveils the details of its highly-anticipated launch. Picasso, through his works, challenged the existence of absolute beauty standards, emphasizing the significance of one’s inner world. Following his footsteps, the creators of Hidden Beauty exalt the unique inner beauty within each individual, crafting a project of exceptional depth and substance.

The token collection will be simultaneously released on two prominent blockchains, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Furthermore, early adopters purchasing NFTs on the Bitcoin network will receive an additional token on the Ethereum network completely free of charge.

The visionaries behind the Hidden Beauty project aspire to acquire a genuine Picasso painting for the community’s benefit, and grant each NFT owner a share in this prized artwork. Moreover, Hidden Beauty operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), empowering token holders to actively participate in the project’s development and shape the destiny of the artwork. The project’s creators are also planning a community gathering at one of Picasso’s beloved locations. Naturally, this event promises an immersive and captivating program.

The project’s feature set will undergo regular updates and enhancements, ensuring its relevance amidst the ever-evolving landscape of NFT and GameFi. Within the project, an engaging Monopoly game will be launched, where the streets are inspired by Pablo Picasso’s iconic paintings. Through gameplay, community members can augment their capital and expand their collection, simultaneously championing the legacy of Picasso.

Hidden Beauty offers token holders various avenues for earning:

  • Passive income from staking
  • Bonuses and token upgrades
  • Profits from trading collectible NFTs
  • Super bonuses upon reaching the “PABLO” NFT level
  • Earnings from owning an authentic Picasso painting

The NFTs themselves will be categorized into five levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Exclusive, Ultra, and Pablo. Unlike many collections, the token’s level is not determined by chance – users can personally upgrade their tokens to the next level of rarity using the project’s native token, $BEAUTY. These $BEAUTY tokens can be obtained through Airdrops and as rewards for staking NFTs. This means that token enhancement can be achieved without any additional investments in BTC and ETH. Naturally, rarer NFTs command higher value and yield greater rewards for staking and bonuses. For instance, upon reaching the Ultra level, users can receive a hoodie adorned with a printed image of their NFT, conveniently delivered to their doorstep anywhere worldwide. Achieving the prestigious Pablo level comes with a bonus of $2000.