The ETH/BTC trading pair appears to be forming a bullish reversal pattern, similar to the one from 2019–2021, which led to a 140% price gain for Ether against Bitcoin. If confirmed, this technical setup might propel the $ETH rate by over 50% against Bitcoin, driven by the upcoming launch of ETH ETFs against the news of the SEC dropping its investigation against "Ethereum 2.0."

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The pattern mentioned is an implied inverse head-and-shoulders pattern on a weekly chart. The price has supposedly finished the 'head' part and is now expected to form the right 'shoulder,' or the first higher low after the technical downtrend. The head-and-shoulders pattern is considered confirmed when the price breaks the 'neckline'—in the case of inverse H&S, a break to a first higher high after forming a 'right shoulder' higher low.

(Source: Cointelegraph)

Based on classic chart pattern rules, a successful breakout above the neckline, accompanied by a rise in trading volumes, could push the ETH/BTC upside target to around $0.084, up over 50% from the current price levels. However, this is just a 'classic' target for this particular pattern and does not necessarily mean the end of market momentum.

The Cointelegraph chartists also suggest, based on historical post-Bitcoin halving price behavior, that a Bitcoin halving fractal might boost ETH/BTC's chances. For example, the pair rallied over 900% after the second Bitcoin halving in July 2016 and over 330% following the third Bitcoin halving in May 2020 while staying within a huge macro triangle pattern.

(Source: Cointelegraph)

Interestingly, the upside target aligns with the inverse head-and-shoulders 'neckline' resistance mentioned above. Thus, fluctuating inside the triangle range will likely enable ETH/BTC to complete this formation, leading to a meaningful macro breakout if the pattern unfolds as intended.

From a fundamental perspective, the launch of spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) — expected by July 2, according to Bloomberg analysts — may be the catalyst for the bullish scenarios discussed. Additionally, the news that the SEC is dropping its investigation into "Ethereum 2.0" is a significant positive, removing this source of headwind for potential market momentum.

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